Yodas 2011 - 2012

June 2012: The Langton Green Yodas win Crowborough League Sportsmanship Award

Congratulations to the Yodas for coming top of the sportsmanship ratings for the Under-8 South section of the Crowborough League along with their paired team, the Devils. This is a great honour for the team, and reflects their excellent attitude to playing and enjoying the game throughout their first season. Well done everyone! Matthew B will collect the award on behalf of the team at a presentation evening on June 8.


April 28th – home against Tonbridge Invicta (friendly) and Uckfield

Vs Tonbridge Invicta A 11-0

This was the match when all the Yodas’ hard work and dedication this season finally came to fruition, and the luck was on their side for a change. With a double hat-trick for Jacob and a hat-trick for Sammy the Yodas could do no wrong and were scoring for fun. The Invicta were a fairly new team but their goalkeeper made some fine saves, or else the score could have been even greater. The whole team kept their shape well and the passing and movement from everyone was excellent. Jacob played up front and was getting plenty of the ball, with him and Sammy netting three each before half time. Dominic didn’t have much to do in goal and the defenders Matthew C and Max S were able to keep a very high line for most of the game.
Max R and Matthew B playing in midfield also had an outstanding game, with excellent passing, crossing and corner taking. Matthew had a good shot on target saved and Max R made a brave header that just went wide. With three in the bag Sammy went off for a rest and was replace by Dom J, who contributed some telling passes in the midfield. Virtually camped in the opposition half at one point, defender Matthew C struck a strong volley into the corner to make it 10 for the Yodas. Jacob was in irrepressible goalscoring form and despite hitting the crossbar at one point still went on to score four in the second half to make it 11-0 to the Yodas.

Vs Tonbridge Invicta B: 0-7

Still on a high after their impressive victory against the first Tonbridge team, this was a bit of reality check for the Yodas. But with the score at 0-6 at half time they got their act together in the second half to prevent a complete rout. They didn’t know what had hit them in the first half, but showed some good determination and concentration in the second. The excellent positioning and passing of the first game was somehow absent in the first half of this, and Invicta were more often first to the ball and winning more of the tackles. After his heroic goalscoring efforts in the first game Jacob was just as good between the posts in this game, saving a penalty and allowing the Yodas to keep their heads up. Max R continued to play well in midfield and was unlucky not to score, hitting the post twice. It finished 0-7 and the Yodas were all a bit more sober than after their earlier victory, but hopefully with lessons learnt.

Vs Uckfield A: 2-2

After the see-saw excitement of today’s previous two games, the Yodas really dug in for this match, everyone’s concentration good and the positioning much better than in the last game. It was even stevens with the score 0-0 at half time, and it could have gone either way. The game sprung into life in the second half, with a well taken goal from Sammy, who was playing up front. But the Uckfield quickly equalised with a powerful shot that left Dominic no chance to save. A brilliant penalty save moments later from Dominic kept the Yodas in the game. Then Max R’s constant skill and effort finally paid off with a long range shot through a forest of players to give the Yodas the lead. At 2-1 it looked like it was in the bag, but at the last minute Uckfield equalised to get a well earned draw.

Vs Uckfield B: 1-2

This looked like it was going to be another victory to the Yodas, who were 1-0 up by half time, thanks to great effort from Sammy following a shot from Max R that rebounded off the cross bar. The defence of Matthew C and Max S continued to be excellent, making numerous crucial tackles and the Yodas were definitely the stronger team by half time. Matthew B also had a good shot saved and was important to the team effort making some good runs in midfield.

Perhaps the Yodas relaxed a little in the second half, or perhaps they were simply exhausted by the end of their fourth match in one morning but they continued to match Uckfield for most of the second half. And then, suddenly, right in the dying seconds, two goals in quick succession from Uckfield meant they finished the 2-1 winners.

Player of the week – Jacob


April 14th – away against Sevenoaks

Vs Sevenoaks Rovers: 0-7

With several of the Yodas playing out of their usual positions, two team members helping out the Devils, and playing 6-a-side on a very small pitch, a number of factors were against the yellows before the kick-off. And that was before they came up against a very strong Rovers team with a particularly good number 30 who seemed to score a goal every time he touched the ball, netting five in total. The Yodas were 5-0 down by half time and before they really knew what had hit them. Matthew B made some excellent saves in goal, but really had no chance at all with any of the five unstoppable shots that came his way.

Passing and positioning was good from the Yodas, but some players looked like they’d missed their Weetabix this morning. The second half performance was better, with Sammy and Max R combining well to feed Jacob a couple of reasonable goal scoring opportunities. But supply to the front man was not plentiful and he often had to track back to find the ball. Max S and Toby performed well out of their usual positions in defence, but this Sevenoaks team were a force to be reckoned with. Matthew B played well in goal, making some strong kicks and good saves, but their was little anyone could have done against the powerful strikes coming his way. The Yodas only conceded two in the second half, and might have scored if luck had been on their side, but this was not to be their day.

Vs Sevenoaks United: 1-4

The team in yellow began their second match with a little more commitment in the tackle, and to their huge credit, put their recent heavy defeat behind them to play with more self belief and give the United a run for their money. Max R and Sammy adapted well to playing in defence, with both putting in some crucial tackles, while Max S and Toby passed the ball around the midfield with more aplomb than in the previous game. Matthew B was the lone striker, and didn’t often receive the ball in a good position, but when he did he saved the Yodas’ pride with a powerful low strike that was too hot for the keeper to handle. 1-3 down at half time, and the Yodas were looking more like their usual convincing selves.
Starting the second half with renewed committment and determination, the Yodas started to get hold of this match. Toby made a couple of excellent runs with the ball at his feet, his control and speed too much for the United lads. Sammy also made some good runs through midfield but the yellows couldn’t quite find that killer pass. Max R made another couple of vital tackles, passing the ball out of defence well. Matthew B worked hard up front and had at least half chance that, if it had gone in, would have put a completely different complexion on the game. Some good work between the posts by Jacob kept Sevenoaks at bay, but they powered in another rocket before the end and it finished 4-1 to the United. The Yodas played well today, but this experimental formation did not pay off and it will be back to the more tried and trusted ways from next weekend.

Player of the week: Sammy


March 24th – home against Sevenoaks

Vs Sevenoaks Hawks: 1-4

The Yodas came out fighting against a very professional Sevenoaks side and were more than a match for them in the second half. The Yodas performed well in every position, from back to front. Dom H made some very strong saves in this game, as well as showing how his kicking practice is paying dividends. Max S played out of his usual position in defence alongside Matt B and was committed, strong in the tackle, and often in the right place at the right time. Matthew B again put in another steadfast performance in defence, marshalling his new partner well. Playing in a 2-2-2 formation against Sevenoaks’ 2-3-1 the midfield had their work cut out keeping up with the extra player, but Freddy and Sammy covered the ground well, putting in some telling passses. The Yodas had a good share of the possession but the Hawks made each attack count and were soon 2-0 up before Jacob pulled one back with a powerful shot into the corner. At half time the Yodas were still very much in the match.
But soon after the whistle blew for the second half the blue team scored two goals quickly, perhaps rather against the run of play. Dom J came on and put in another good show in midfield – his increasing confidence is really showing. Everyone kept their positions well and their improved passing made the Yodas look threatening. Toby, in particular, often looked dangerous when he was running at the defence with the ball. It finished 1-4 but the Yodas can be proud of their team effort and continued improvements.

Vs Sevenoaks Eagles: 1-2

Despite working so hard in the first game the Yodas came into the second match with renewed enthusiasm. A slightly different formation saw Matthew B move up into midfield, where he made some strong tackles, and incisive passes up front, as well as helping out in defence as the need arose. Toby also played out of his usual position but showed signs of a useful defensive talent who was able to run the ball out of his own half on a couple of occasions. A powerful shot proved too hot to handle for the excellent Dom H between the posts and it was 0-1 down at half time. Still, anybody’s game though.
Max S continued to be a stalwart in defence, thwarting attack after attack, his commitment unwavering. But despite everone’s excellent team effort the blues snuck another goal in to go two up. Still, the Yodas continue to threaten, with Sammy making some darting runs alongside Jacob in attack. Finally the yellows got some reward for all their good work, with a long shot from Jacob sneaking under the keeper. Jacob is now the Yodas’ leading goalscorer and looks hungry for plenty more. The Langton side continued to threaten right up until the final whistle, but couldn’t quite get that equaliser.

Player of the week: Max S


March 10th – home against Rusthall

Vs Rusthall Lions: 1-1

This was an excellent performace from every player, with the Yodas dominating possession and playing the better football for most of the game. Everyone kept their positions well and some excellent passing was paying dividends all over the pitch. Dominic H had an excellent game in goal, looking like a truly safe pair of hands and showing much improved kicking that got each attack off to a head start. A couple of excellent saves helped keep the Yodas in the game. The two Matthews were again solid and reliable in defence, although most of the play was in the other team’s half. The two Maxes worked hard and made some good passes to the front men, Toby and Jacob, with some good interplay between the two of them. The pressure on the Rusthall goal was constant but the Yodas couldn’t quite find that final touch and the first half ended scoreless.
The Yodas kept up their good work in the second half and some good approach play finally gave them the reward they deserved. A good pass from Sammy found Jacob in space and he slotted the ball into the corner of the net to put the Yodas ahead. Dominic J continue to show improvement in all areas of his game, with some telling passes and much more confident tackling in the middle of the pitch. The play continued to be excellent, but again the luck was against the Yodas, with Rusthall equalising in the dying seconds after a strong break from midfield.

Vs Rusthall Tigers: 0-1

With a full squad turnout today and playing only 7-a-side in the first match there was plenty of scope to shuffle players around and keep everyone fresh. All the players adapted well to their different positions, with Jacob and Matthew B both playing a half in goal to enable Dom H to stretch his legs out on the pitch. Both lads assumed their new responsibilities with aplomb, making good saves and kicking well. A great kick from Matthew B in the second half almost lead to a goal. Freddie was very strong in both defence and midfield, his new found confidence ensuring every 50/50 ball was his. The Yodas could indeed have found their midfield enforcer, commanding respect from the opposition in the style of the great Roy Keane.
With everybody giving 110 per cent today it was difficult at times to maintain the momentum and concentration. Enthusiasm was not lacking but this was an accomplished Rusthall side, with their two attacking players posing a constant threat. Toby and Sammy continued to threaten at the other end, with some good darting runs but it didn’t quite come off for the Yodas in this match. A quick break from Rusthall saw their striker unleash an unstoppable strike from the left wing that flew in just under the bar. The Yodas continued to push and harry but the equaliser never came. Another great performance from the whole team, though, with improvements showing in all areas.

Player of the week: Toby


February 25th – away against Ashurst Wood

Vs Ashurst Tigers: 0-0

The Yodas showed excellent discipline and teamwork in this match, with everyone keeping to their positions well. The two Matthews were back together in a very strong defensive partnership, leaving Dominic little to worry about in goal, although he looked confident and marshalled his defence well at corners. The team stuck to their 2-3-2 formation well, with Max S, Max R and Jacob spreading out well across the centre of the pitch. But the Tigers were difficult to break down and the Yodas struggled to get the ball up front to Sammy and Toby, who had few opportunities to use their pace to really worry the Tigers’ defence. It was 0-0 at half time.

Dominc J came on at half time, into the central midfield role and acquited himself well, trying to make an incisive pass whenever he had the chance. The whole team gave it everything, with some strong and effective tackling, particularly from Matthew B. Max S came off the bench to play in an unfamiliar defensive role after Matthew C had to go off injured, and made a couple of important blocks. Under a period of sustained pressure from the Yodas, the Tigers handballed in the area and Max R was brave enough to take the penalty. But the goalie was quick, going to ground well and it was saved. The Yodas battled well right to the end, but these two teams were evenly matched, and the game finished goalless.

Vs Ashurst Wood Panthers: 0-3

The Panthers presented more of a threat to the Yodas’ goal than the Tigers, and they had a couple of particularly strong players that always looked dangerous. But the Yodas kept their shape well, Matthew C was brave enough to come back into defence even with a cut knee and performed well. But the pressure proved too much in the end and the Panthers slotted one low and hard into the corner of the net to make it 0-1 at half time.
The Yodas stuck to their shape and hard work ethic in the second half. Dominic J, a relative newcomer to the game, has improved a lot this season and made some very telling passes from the centre of midfield. The forwards couldn’t quite get on the end of them when it counted though. Dominic H came out of goal and was strong in midfield, with Jacob filling in between the posts. A couple of long goal kicks from Jacob looked dangerous, but again the Yodas just lacked the finishing touch. The Panthers were made to work hard for their next two goals, but their finishing was emphatic and they were perhaps the better team on the day.

Player of the week – Dominic J


January 28th, 2012 – away against Ridgeway

Vs Ridgeway Rockets: 3-3

Unanimously voted by the coaches and parents as one of the most exciting games of football they’d ever seen, this was a classic game of two halves in which the Yodas pulled off one of the most dramatic turnarounds witnessed in under-8s football. The Yodas kept their positions well in the first half, but this was their first game for a while and were perhaps a little rusty after the Christmas break. The Rockets were confident and convincing in all positions, and their goals were screamers into the top corners of the Yodas goal, leaving Dominic H little chance and the yellow team were 0-3 down at half time. But the Yodas had done little wrong, and it might have been expected that their persistence would pay dividends.
And pay dividends it did in the second half. The Yodas pushed forward more confidently in the second half, with Sammy making some excellent runs from midfield, leaving the Rockets standing. Whenever Toby got the ball, his turn of pace left the opposition for dead. Freddie was an absolute rock in the midfield, giving 100 per cent commitment to his tackling and running down the wings. Max R dazzled with his ball skills, weaving through the opposition defence at will. He was beaten not once, but twice by the woodwork, hitting both the post and the crossbar. But Max’s determination finally paid off with a well taken goal. The Ridgeway were on the back foot now, and a scorching individual run from Toby led to the Yoda’s second. Dominic J is another player making serious strides in his football, showing good commitment and concentration in the midfield and contributing to the excellent passing game that left the opposition dumbfounded. Matthew B and Jacob were reliable in defence, but had so little defending to do that Jacob was able to pop up and tap in the Yoda’s third. What a comeback, and with the wind in their sales the Yodas seemed unstoppable. Well done to the whole team – what a fantastic game.

Vs Ridgeway Galaxy: 0-7

Having given 110 per cent in their first game the Yodas were tiring by the time they had to face this very accomplished Galaxy team. Still on a high from the end of their last game, they quickly went 0-2 down. Freddie continued to show what an improved player he is, with his concentration and determination never wavering, and Matthew B, moved into midfield, kept the ball well and tried some good passing moves, but was often to be found helping out in defence out of necessity. With only one sub this week, the Yodas were stretched against a team with more resources. But honouring their proud tradition, the Yodas did not let their heads drop and kept battling away and doing their best right up until the final whistle. The Galaxy played well though, and their was often little that could be done to stop them.

Player of the week - Freddie


November 26th – away against Pembury

Vs Pembury Gunners: 1-1

The talent, teamwork and application were all on the Yodas’ side today, but the luck unfortunately wasn’t. Dominating most of the play and ahead from early on, the yellows were incredibly unlucky not to notch up their second win of the season when the home team equalised with literally the last kick of the game. The Yodas dominated the first half, keeping the ball in the opposition half for nearly the whole ten minutes. A couple of players played out of their usual positions today and performed extremely well. Max S moved from midfield to defence but continued with his usual high energy and commitment in his new position, making some important tackles. He partnered well with Matthew C and they were able to keep a high line for most of the game. Even from his high line it was still a very powerful shot from Matthew that was drilled low into the corner of the net, though a forest of opposition player to put the Yodas ahead in the first half. Also out of his usual position, Matthew B moved from defence into attack, where he provided a constant threat to the Pembury defence, getting himself into some good goalscoring positions. Passing and movement from the whole team was excellent and they well deserved their lead at half time.

Max R, partnering Matthew B up from made a number of penetrative runs, dribbling well, and the pressure was still on Pembury for the second half. Dominic J, Jacob and Sammy moved the ball around well in midfield, holding their positions and making it difficult for the other team to get the ball. The defence remained secure, with Dominic H called on only a couple of times, but on both occassions running off his line to make confident kicks. This was some of the best play we’ve seen from the Yodas yet, and their growing confidence was clear to see. Just when everyone thought they had the game in the bag, a momentary defensive laps of concentration allowed Pembury to score from a corner. The ref blew his whistle and there was no time to mount a comeback.

Vs Pembury Broncos: 1-2

The Yodas weren’t downhearted after their first match, and continued with their high octane passing game in the second match. Toby contributed to the attacking threat with a number of excellent dribbling runs – that boy is quick! The midfield trio kept up their passing tempo and kept their concentration well. The Yodas seemed to have the upper hand until Pembury scored against the run of play. But the Yodas went on the counter-attack with renewed vigour. Matthew B’s clever positioning and good running finally paid off when a good pass found him one on one with the keeper. It still required a cool head to slot the finish low into the corner though. Matthew B is now the team’s leading scorer, with two goals so far this season, despite spending most of his time in defence.
We still had the measure of the opposition in the second half, but it seemed that their high work rate on this larger than usual pitch was starting to take its toll in the second half and the Yodas were starting to look a little tired towards the end. But the team spirit was typified by Max S, still in defence, who never gives up and is always giving 110 per cent. The ideas and passing were good, but the team started to bunch up a little towards the end, with tired legs starting to show all round. Pembury went ahead in the second half, and despite keeping up the pressure on the opposition goal right to the end, the Yodas again just lacked that bit of luck that might have given them an equaliser. The team had given their all after these two matches and should be very proud of themselves. Still one of the newest teams in the leagues, their continually improving teamwork is paying dividends against often much more experienced sides. The touchline support is really enjoying their sons’ progress and some very exciting matches to boot. And everyone is looking forward to the Yodas’ continued progress in the new year.

Player of the Week – Matthew B


November 19th – at home (friendly)

Vs Rusthall Tigers: 1-2

After a torrid time last weekend the Yodas had obviously learnt some lessons and turned up meaning business. Their new-found passing ability, good positioning and excellent team work meant they were all over the opposition in the first half. Strong at the back as usual, with Dominic H making some excellent saves and the two Matthews strong and reliable against a side that were quick on the break. Mid-way through the first half a good pass out from Dominic saw the ball passed swiftly upfield with nearly every Yodas player having a touch at some point. Toby’s lightning speed saw him in front of the goal with only the keeper to beat – it wasn’t easy but he put the ball in the corner of the net with some aplomb. Excellent teamwork, great goal – the crowd went wild with appreciation. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse in concentration saw the opposition score from a set piece just before half time.
The second half saw some more outstanding work between the posts by Dominic. The opposition were awarded a penalty, and sent it just wide, but Dom had it covered anyway. The Yoda continued to press, with Freddie making some good runs into the opposition half. The midfield trio of both Maxes and Sammy continued some good passing moves, but the Yodas couldn’t quite make it happen in the final third. We had more shots on goal than Rusthal, but somehow couldn’t quite hit the target. Ultimately we were perhaps a little unlucky to go behind to a beautifully worked move from the opposition, with such a powerful finish the keeper had no chance. Despite finishing 1-2 down, this was some of the best play we’ve seen from the Yodas, who continue to progress well as a team. Keep up the good work everyone!

Vs Rusthall Lions – 0-1

Again, the Yodas continued their excellent passing play, but found it a little harder to find space in the middle of the pitch against another well organised team. Tiredness was perhaps a factor, due to their constant hard work and concentration. But we matched this Rusthall team in every area, the back three again put in an impeccable performance, with more good saves from the keeper, Dom H,, who was deservedly crowned Player of the Week. There was some good penetrating runs from midfield, with Rusthall struggling to contain the pace of Toby and Jacob. Much of the play was in the opposition’s half for this game, but again we couldn’t quite make it count with a goal. A free kick looked dangerous, but just went wide. At the end of the day, the Yodas were rather unlucky to lose this game to an own goal resulting from something of a goal mouth scramble. Everyone played well, and the team spirit continues to be great – a bit of luck and it could have gone our way.

Player of the week – Dominic H


Saturday November 12th – at home (friendly)

Vs Chipstead Falcons: 0-2

The Yodas turned up brimming with confidence after last weekend’s good show, but these two Chipstead teams provided something of a reality check for the relatively inexperienced Langton squad. Chipstead Falcons were extremely well drilled and passed and controlled the ball well, but the team in yellow were more than a match for them during the first half, proving a little unlucky to go behind just before half time to another one of those cross-cum shot long balls that we seem prone to. The Yodas kept their shape well, defending strongly again and leaving Jacob little to do in goal. But they struggled to get the ball out of a congested midfield to Max S in attack. Max R put in a brave performance in midfield but was obviously carrying an injury and had to go off at half time. Hopefully with a little rest he’ll be fit again for next weekend.

With a full squad to choose from and playing seven a side, the coaches made wholesale changes at half time, with Dom J and Sammy bringing some fresh legs to the second half performance. The midfield worked hard in the second half, with Max S, Sammy and Freddy doing their best to supply Jacob up front, but this was a difficult team to break down. Both Matthews were again excellent in defence, holding a high line and putting in some strong tackling. The Falcons didn’t get many chances, but a well worked counter attack saw them double their lead before the end.

Vs Chipstead Eagles: 0-5

The Eagles proved even tougher opposition than the Falcons, but the Yodas kept up a good work rate and didn’t let their heads drop. The team spirit was good, but with the coaches making three substitutions before each half, a number of players were in unfamiliar positions and left without a coherent strategy from the touchline. Playing particularly well out of his usual position though, Matthew B found some good space up front but again the midfield struggled to keep the ball under huge pressure from a particularly strong Chipstead team.

Also out of his usual position, Sammy made a couple of excellent saves during one half spent as keeper – one particular ‘reverse backside’ effort a candidate for the end of season gallery. Dominic H put in a good performance on the right side of defence, but this was a very fast and very skilled counter-attacking side that asked a lot of questions of the whole team. Toby was hungry for the ball up front, but the Yodas spend much of this game defending valiantly in their own half. Matthew C was again excellent in defence, showing good positioning, communication and tackling, for which he was awarded the Player of the Week award. We were 0-2 down at half time, and we couldn’t stop the relentless attack in the second half so that it ended 0-5.

This was indeed a heavy defeat, with the whole team disappointed but not downhearted. And let’s not forget, the Yodas have only been playing together for a couple of months and they are still improving. As long as they maintain their excellent enthusiasm and team spirit the tide will turn and a well earned victory or two will come their way. And, as some football pundit or other once said, the league is never won before Christmas – there’s plenty of the season left yet.

Player of the week – Matthew C


Saturday November 5th – away at Seal (Sevenoaks)

Vs Sevenoaks Eagles: 0-1

The Yodas had something to prove today against Sevenoaks, having lost to another Sevenoaks team 0-3 in their first match of the season. And their performances today clearly showed how far they have come since the season’s curtain raiser. Today’s team were an altogether different proposition to the one that showed up for their first game, which let’s not forget, was only a few weeks ago. The Yodas that faced the Sevenoaks Eagles were well organised, very strong defensively and did not give away any easy chances. The Eagles are another strong team though, and the Yodas often struggled to get out of their own half. Matthew B and Sammy closed them down well in defence and Jacob was kept busy in goal, doing a fine job in keeping the score down. The Eagles only goal came in the first half and was a well worked effort with some good interplay between a number of players, leaving the Yodas’ defence little chance.

The Yodas matched the Eagles for skill and persistence in a very evenly matched second half. Toby, Sammy and Dominic J worked relentlessly in the midfield but few chances were created. Max S had to come deep to find the ball against a well organised Sevenoaks midfield. At the end of the day, the result could have gone either way but the Yoda’s concentration and positioning was excellent.

Vs Sevenoaks Hawks: 1-1

The Yodas had their work cut out here against another strong Sevenoaks team, but they rose to the challenge with a super team effort. The newly formed defensive pairing of Matthew B and Matthew C were outstanding, with echoes of Bruce and Pallister at their peak, making numerous strong challenges and good clearances. Dominic H made a number of classy saves, reflecting some good recent practice work. Dominic J has improved enormously over the last few weeks, getting stuck in and looking for good passing opportunities. Again, most of the action was in our own half but the Hawks’ only goal was a rather spectacular cross-cum shot that looped into the far corner of the net (did he mean to do that?!) towards the end of the first half.

The Yodas kept their concentration and positions well in the second half. The midfield, which now included Jacob and Sammy, worked hard to get the ball forward to Toby and Max S but couldn’t quite create the scoring chances in the last third of the pitch. But all the teams’ hard work finally paid off when a goal came from an unexpected quarter. Defender Matthew B’s fantastic, Beckham-style, long shot from the halfway line was adjudged to have just crossed the goal line and the Yodas had a well deserved equaliser. A 1-1 draw was a fitting result to this closely contested, exciting match. Ten out of ten to the Yodas for their excellent team play.


Saturday October 15th – home

Vs Ashurst Wood: 2-1

It’s all coming together for the Yodas, whose hard work, concentration and enthusiasm paid off today with their first ever league victory. They had most of the possession and looked most likely to score in the first half. Jacob didn’t have much to do in goal, being well protected by the strong defensive work of Matthew B, Dominic H, and Will, who fitted into the team quickly on loan from the Devils. Some strong tackling and good marking from all three meant the Ashurst Wood forwards couldn’t get behind them. Some good positioning and reliable marking from Dominic J helped keep the midfield under Yodas’ control. Matthew C, Freddie and Max Smith all worked hard at chasing the ball down and passing it forward at every opportunity. Max R and new recruit Toby up front both made a number of threatening runs, leaving the opposition defence standing, and were unluckly not to score in the first half. An excellent goal, rather against the run of play, from Ashurst Wood late in the first half meant the Yodas were very unlucky to be 1-0 down at half time.
But the Yodas came out for the second half with their heads up, and ready for more. Dominic went in goal and Jacob came out to join the midfield, in a more attacking formation, and shortly after the restart the Yodas had won a free kick on the edge of the opposition area. There was a goalmouth scramble and Max R was quick thinking enough to slot home an equaliser for the Yodas. Now they had the bit between their teeth the Yodas were playing some good football, passing well and remembering their positions. Some good clearances from Will and plenty of hard running and tackling from Max S kept the ball mostly in the opposition half. A darting run from Jacob, who fired the ball just inside the post, saw the Yodas take the lead. From then on they never looked like giving up the lead and great teamwork saw the Langton Green Yodas notch up their first win of the season. The team looks better with each match they play, so if they can keep this up, there will be plenty more to celebrate before the end of the season.

Player of the week – Max R


Saturday September 24th – away at Rusthall

Vs Rusthall Tigers: 0-2

New boys the Yodas continued their steady progress towards gelling together as a fully fledged Crowborough League team and serious contenders for end of season accolades. Despite the initial distraction of turning up at the wrong ground, the Yodas soon found their rhythm, working together well as a team, with everyone holding their positions well.

Freddie and Matthew C were strong in defence against another accomplished team that were passing the ball well and moving forward quickly. The midfield trio of Jacob, Aaron and Matthew B worked tirelessly to close down the opposition and supply the ball to Max S up front. A Yodas’ goal always looked like a possibility, but the opposition were difficult to break down and it never quite came off. Dominic put in a good performance between the posts, but a couple of long range screamers, one in each half, were simply unstoppable.

Vs Rusthall Lions: 1-1

This was the game where the Yodas really showed what they are capable of, displaying great teamwork, stamina, and finally opening their goalscoring account. A goalmouth scramble from a corner saw Jacob claim the Yodas’ first goal of their first season in the first half and the crowd went wild with excitement. Spirits high, the team pressed forward well, without losing their shape. Aaron, who very kindly stepped into defence from the Devils, to help out his Langton team-mates, made some excellent long passes that set up some of our best attacking moves. Matthew B, back to his favoured defensive role, marshalled the left of defence well, putting in some great tackles. The re-shaped midfield of Freddie, Matthew C and Max S passed the ball well, supplying Jacob up front with some perfectly measured through balls. Freddie was reliable in goal, keeping a clean sheet.

The second half saw Freddie and Jacob switch positions, with Freddie taking his turn up front and Jacob in charge between the goalposts. The rest of the formation, which had worked so well in the first half, stayed the same. The Lions snuck in a goal, but the Yodas didn’t give up. Having more of the possession and creating more chances, the Yodas controlled the second half well and their second goal always looked like a possibility, but didn’t quite happen. A great performance from every Yoda player – well done indeed!

Player of the week – Jacob


Saturday September 10th, 2011

Vs Crowborough Athletic Youth: 0-4

The Yodas faced stiff competition in the 2010/11 season curtain raiser at Langton Green. In their first game playing together the team put in a spirited perfomance against an experienced Crowborough Side. The Yodas worked hard, gelling quickly as a team, and never letting their heads drop, despite shipping a few goals.

Jacob was brave in goal, standing up well and marshalling his defence. The busy defenders Matthew B and Sam put in some excellent tackles, helping to keep the roving Crowborough attack under control. The midfield dynamos of Dominic J, Freddie and Matthew C didn’t let the opposition relax for a moment, while Max R and Dominic H were quick to attack whenever the opportunity arose.

Vs Sevenoaks Town Dynamos: 0-3

By the time the Yodas lined up for their second match, their team performance was already showing improvements all over the pitch. All players performed extremely well against an accomplished Sevenoaks side. Our midfield maestros Max S, Freddie and Sam paid close attention to their star player, giving him little chance to shine. Jacob and Max R were threatening in attack, with Jacob hitting the post.

Dominic H took over in goal, with a commanding performance. Matthews B and C and Dominic J were again reliable in defence. At the end of the day, the scoreline didn’t do us justice in this game and we were a little unlucky not to have scored a goal. But Steve and Simon were extremely proud of the Yodas’ performance and marked improvement – roll on the next match!