Covid-19 - Latest Guidance

Last Updated: August 16th 2021

Guidelines are constantly changing. We will update this page with links to the latest guidance as frequently as we can, but we recommend you always check the FA and government guidelines yourself to ensure you are up to date with the latest regulations around Covid-19.


Please make sure you have read the below and any linked pages / documents and taken action where necessary.

1. Make sure you have read and understood the latest guidance

Please read the below links / documents before returning to football activity for the 2021 / 2022 season. At the time of publishing this page, the FA documents linked to below were last updated on July 16th 2021.

2. Ensure all parents have completed and returned the parental consent form (if they haven't already)...

The FA's guidance states: "If you choose for your child to take part, you will need to give your written consent to the club and / or coach. Ensure you are comfortable with the club’s Covid-19 planning arrangements before doing so."

The wording for this can be found here. Please copy and paste as instructed on that page and e-mail it to your child's coach. No player can attend any football activity under the new guidance until this has been done.

See below for the club's Covid-19 planning.

3. Read the club's risk assessment

You can find our risk assessment here, that covers outdoor football activity and use of clubhouses / toilets etc.

Our Covid Officers

The club have assigned Covid-19 Officers, in line with the FA guidance, who will be responsible for keeping our guidelines and communications around Covid-19 up to date. These are Chris Allen ([email protected]) and our Child Welfare Office, Millie Woodliffe ([email protected]). Please e-mail them with any queries.

Guidance is changing frequently. You should always adhere to the latest government guidance and if in doubt, err on the side of caution.


If you don't feel comfortable getting back on the pitch, there is absolutely no pressure to do so and the club fully supports every one of our member's right to choose when they return. Please follow your own instincts and make your child's coach aware if your son or daughter has any anxiety around returning to football or any health issues that might make it difficult for them to return at this time.

And finally, if you, or any member of your household is exhibiting any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been contacted by the government's track and trace scheme or the track and trace app and told you need to self-isolate, please inform your coach, do not attend any football activity and follow government health guidance on what to do next.

Stay safe.