Covid-19 Risk Assessment

As part of our return to football planning, the FA asked every club to carry out a risk assessment specific to Covid-19. The potential risks and the club's actions around those risks are included below. If you have any queries around these, please contact either Millie Woodliffe ([email protected]) or Chris Allen ([email protected]) who are acting as our Covid-19 Officers.

Specific Risks & Actions to Reduce Risks

Risk: Transmission of Covid-19 through sharing equipment and touching outdoor surfaces.


  • All participants will be asked to read the current FA guidelines thoroughly before attending any football activity.
  • All participants will be asked to bring their own, initialied, hand sanitiser to sessions, to be used in line with FA guidance.
  • Coaches will have read the FA guidelines and ensure equipment is not shared unneccessarily and that any shared equipment (balls, goalposts, cones etc.) is sanitised before and after all football activity, as well as during activity if required, in line with FA guidance.
  • Participants will be asked to store personal items, kit and drinks seperately from each other. Marker cones spaced 2m apart can be assigned to players for them to place their items next to.
  • Each player should be given their own training bib, that is their responsibility to take home and wash between sessions.
  • For outdoor facilities, access gates, door handles, locks and other surfaces that may be touched by anyone are sanitised before and after use.
  • If there is a shared bench that substitutes are using, please ensure this is sanitised before and after use.
  • Balls should be periodically sanitised during any sessions, especially if throw-ins are part of the football acitivity.
  • Goalkeepers should be encouraged to sanitise their gloves prior to football activity and reminded that spitting on gloves to increase grip is not acceptable.

Transmission of Covid-19 through shared use of indoor facilities (toilets, equipment storage areas, clubhouses)


  • We will limit the indoor facilities that are open at all our venues to toilets only at this time. No kitchens or changing rooms will be available. Players and officials should arrive and travel home in their kit.
  • When using indoor toilet facilities, there will be a strict one in / one out policy, with the exception of very young children or anyone with a disability that means they require assistance, who will be allowed one parent or carer with them. Those waiting outside should form a socially distanced queue.
  • Signs should be placed in toilet facilities, reminding people about the importance of following good hand-hygiene.
  • Anyone using indoor facilities should sanitise their hands before and after use.
  • Toilets should be cleaned after each session, with particular attention paid to surfaces that may have been touched by multiple people (toilet flush handles, taps, soap / paper towel dispensers, door handles etc). If there are consecutive matches played at the same venue, the toilets should be cleaned in between games.
  • When accessing storage containers or sheds to get equipment out (nets, goals, line markers), access should ideally be limited to one person for the session. If more than one person absolutely have to gain access concurrently (to carry a very heavy item for example), they should remain socially distanced and wear face coverings, in line with government guidance on sharing indoor spaces.
  • All equipment stored indoors (goals, line markers etc) should be sanitised after use and prior to putting away.
  • Locks, keys and door handles used to access indoor spaces should be sanitised after use.
  • Hands should be sanitised before and after accessing indoor spaces.

Transmission of Covid-19 through close contact with others.


  • All participants will be asked to read the current FA guidelines thoroughly before attending any football activity.
  • All participants will be asked to maintain social distancing, in line with the current FA and government guidance, when not on the field of play (ie during warm ups, team discussions, drinks breaks and before and after sessions).
  • Goal celebrations, handshakes and other direct contact between players that is not part of the game will not be allowed.
  • Sessions involving different groups will be staggered so that one group has time to leave before the next group arrives.
  • Participants will be encouraged not to car share with those outside their family or "bubble" and to follow the latest government guidance on travel and the use of public transport.
  • If using 3G facilities, please ensure that players, coaches and parents wait outside the "cage" until the previous group have completely left.
  • Drinks bottles should not be shared.
  • Players should be told that spitting, squirting of water bottles and swilling of water that is then spat out, is not allowed.
  • Players and coaches should be discouraged from shouting, especially when face to face.
  • Coaches should remain 2m from players at all times, as well as practicing social distancing with other adults.
  • When treating injuries, the first aider should wear a face covering and ensure they follow the FA guidance on treating injuries whilst considering Covid-19 transmission.
  • Where possible, QR code Track and Trace posters will be displayed at several points, to avoid large queues of people waiting to queue for the same poster.
  • Spectators will be limited to one adult per child, in line with FA guidance. All spectators must follow social distancing guidelines and remain 2 metres apart at all times.

Risk: Participants do not understand or have not read the current Covid-19 guidance


  • Every Langton Green player must have returned (or have had their parent return if under 18), by e-mail, a consent form that states they are happy for them / their child to return to contact training / match play, that they have read and understand the latest FA and government guidance. Links to the guidance are provided on our Covid-19 summary page.
  • Opposition teams will all be sent our latest Covid-19 info sheet along with the rest of the match info, prior to attending a Langton Green home game.
  • Coaches will be encouraged to reinforce the guidance in person to the whole group before each session and participants will be encouraged to ask any questions if they are not sure, either directly to their coach, or to the club's Covid-19 Officers - Millie Woodliffe or Chris Allen.
  • If there are language issues or learning difficulties that make it difficult for an individual to understand what is being asked of them, this should be mentioned to the club's Covid-19 Officers and the individual in question's coach so the club can help in the best way they can for that individual.

Risk: Someone exhibits Covid-19 symptoms before football activity, has tested positive for Covid-19 or is asked to self-isolate due to potential contact with Covid-19.


  • All parents will need to provide a contact phone number to their child's coach prior to the first session. Special care should be made by coaches with regard to any new players who may be trialling for their team, whose details they may not already have.
  • Coaches should keep a digital record of who attended each session (this should include the names of any opposition players / spectators), along with a contact number for each participant from our club (or their parent / carer if under 18) and contact details for the coach(es) of any other club, who should have contact details for their own players. Remember to include officials and coaches in this and to consider GDPR and safeguarding guidance on the storage of data.
  • We will be displaying government Track and Trace QR code posters at each of our venues. Attendees aged 16 or over who have installed the NHS Track and Trace app will be able to scan a QR code displayed on a poster at each of our venues, so as to "Check In" when they arrive. Scanning using the app should be encouraged, but it is not compulsory as some people do not have phones capable of running the app and others may have chosen not to install it.
  • All participants should be encouraged to report any Covid-19 symptoms, positive Covid-19 test results or any contact from the health services to ask that they self-isolate due to potential contact with Covid-19 to their child's coach immediately. This should also be reported to the club's Covid-19 Officers immediately (Millie Woodliffe / Chris Allen), who will contact the health services and take advice from them immediately.
  • Anyone attending football activity should be reminded that if any of the following apply, they cannot attend under any circumstances:

    • They (or anyone they are living with) are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 (at the time of writing these are a new, continuous cough, a fever or high temperature, or a loss of their sense of smell or taste).
    • They (or anyone they are living with) has tested positive for Covid-19 and has not completed their self-isolation period or received negative test results for all symptomatic members of their household.
    • They have been told to self-isolate by the government track and trace service, the NHS track and trace app or by a health official.

Risk: A participant exhibits Covid-19 symptoms during football activity.

Action: The participant in question should be kept socially distant from others, in line with government guidance, whilst all other safeguarding criteria are met. If a parent or guardian is not present, they should be informed immediately and asked to collect their child at the soonest possible time.

Children feel pressured into returning to football before they are ready.

Action: Coaches should make it clear to parents and players that they are under no pressure to return to football if they do not feel it's safe. It is entirely their decision and that decision will be respected by the club and supported fully. Equally, if a coach does not feel ready to return at this stage, they are under no pressure to do so and under no obligation to provide training sessions at this stage.

Risk: Participants may have health conditions that make them particularly at risk from Covid-19

Action: It is individual parents' responsibility to make their coaches and the club aware of any health conditions any participant may have that may put them at higher risk from Covid-19 and those same parents' responsibility to decide whether they are comfortable with their child attending football activities, based on the guidelines we have in place.


If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact Chris Allen or Millie Woodliffe on the e-mail addresses at the top of this page.