2019 Winners & Runners Up

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2019 Langton Green fiesta such a success. The winners and runners-up in each competition are listed below. We look forward to seeing you next year!!

U8 Cup
Winners: Rusthall Lions
Runners Up: Rusthall Newtown
U8 Plate
Winners: Hawkhurst United
Runners Up: ASC Strikers
U9 Cup
Winners: Perrywood Vipers Orange
Runners Up: AS Eastbourne
U9 Plate
Winners: TW Foresters Jaguars
Runners Up: Rusthall Newtown
U10 Cup
Winners: Langton Green Vikings
Runners Up: Rusthall Victors
U10 Plate
Winners: Rusthall Hawks
Runners Up: Langton Green Barracudas
U9/10 Girls
Winners: Tonbridge Junior Red
Runners Up: Langton Green Divas
U11/12 Girls
Winners: Tonbridge Junior Eagles
Runners Up: Langton Green Belles
U11 Cup
Winners: AS Eastbourne 
Runners Up: Langton Green Hurricanes
U11 Plate
Winners: Langton Green Jaguars
Runners Up: Langton Green Vikings (U10)
U12 Cup
Winners: Langton Green Eagles
Runners Up: Mile Oak Yellow
U12 Plate
Winners: Haywards Heath Town Colts
Runners Up: Tunbridge Wells Youth Red
U13 Cup
Winners: AS Eastbourne Yellow
Runners Up: Otford Eagles
U13 Plate
Winners: Langton Green Athletic
Runners Up: Langton Green Lions
U14 Cup
Winners: Eastbourne Borough
Runners Up: Tonbridge Angels Orange
U14 Plate
Winners: Tonbridge Junior Tornadoes
Runners Up: Tunbridge Wells Youth
U15 Cup
Winners: Langton Green Giants White
Runners Up: Select Soccer Eastbourne
U15 Plate
Winners: Langton Green Phoenix White
Runners Up: Langton Green Phoenix Black