Girls' Football at Langton Green

Girls’ football at Langton Green is a work in progress. We know they love to play, and we know we are delighted to have them.

What is harder is to figure the best way to do it. Some of the girls want to be treated exactly the same as the boys, and play in the same teams; several do. Others enjoy being part of an all-girls team, and we do that too.

What works best depends on the numbers we have, and as numbers change, so will we. Currently our under 5’s, u6’s, u7’s and u8’s tend to spend their formative years playing in the same teams as the boys. We have an all-girl team called the Belles who are a bit older. With them we don’t currently play in an all-girls’ league, but have instead had them play against our boys’ teams. (They love it when they win!)

Going forward, here’s the plan: we want the more experienced girls to play as part of the Belles, with a fixture every other week or so, against other Langton Green sides. If numbers continue to grow, and we can find the parent volunteers to help, then we have scope for girls-vs-girls matches too. At the younger end we will keep on letting the girls play with the boys when they wish to, but also periodically bring them together to get the next group of ‘junior-Belles’ going.


  • If you are the parent of an under 5,6,7,8 year old girl, bring her along! Training recommences on Sep 2nd……girls play for free!
  • If you have a football mad 9/10/11 year old girl she is welcome to join the Belles at training and see where that takes us.
  • If you are a qualified coach with a football mad daughter we’d like to be your friend for life!
  • If you are a curious club in our area and fancy a friendly, please email Chris Allen -

As was said at the start, we are a work in progress. Some age groups are better defined than others. But we are going in a good direction.

Chris Allen