Girls' Football at Langton Green

Girls training will be as follows for the 2019 / 2020 season:

  • U5 - U8 - Bennett School 3G pitch - 9.30am - 11am Saturdays
  • U9 - U10 - Bennett School 3G pitch - 6pm - 7pm Fridays
  • U11 - U12 - Bennett School 3G pitch - 7pm - 8pm - Fridays
  • U15 Wildkats - Bennett School 3G pitch - 7pm - 8pm Tuesdays

If your daughter is interested in coming along to play at Langton Green, please get in touch with Chris Allen - [email protected] - or for U12s and below, turn up to one of the sessions listed above (U15s please contact Chris first).


Girls’ football at Langton Green is a work in progress. We know they love to play, and we know we are delighted to have them.

We also know we have been very fortunate to be awarded a Grow the Game grant for girls' soccer by the Football Foundation.

What is harder is to figure the best way to develop the girls. Some of them want to be treated exactly the same as the boys, and play in the same teams; several do. Others enjoy being part of an all-girls team, and we have done that too. The world of girls' soccer is changing fast, and we are trying to go with the times. For the 2019-20 season we will be fielding 5 teams in the Kent Girls and Ladies Football League (KGLFL), based around the girls who have played with us in previous years.

u9 Langton Green Firebirds, managed by Rob Hamilton - [email protected]

u10 Langton Green Divas, managed by James Bowyer - [email protected]

u11 Langton Green Lynx, managed by James Tuson - [email protected]

u12 Langton Green Belles, managed by Paul Carley - [email protected]

u15 Langton Green Wildcats, managed by Chris Allen  [email protected]

The u9 to u12s will train on Fridays at the Bennett School 3g, and prospective new joiners for those age groups should contact the managers listed above.

We are also keen to develop our next wave of u7s and u8s. But as well as wanting the girls to come along, we are also very keen to invite the parents who want to be involved in the journey. You don't need to arrive as a coach; we will help you - 4 of the 5 coaches listed above took their FA Level 1 badge last year, having had no idea they would even be a coach the year before! We have a lot of people who used to be you, and willing to share what they have learnt. So.....if you are thinking of coming along for the first time, write to Chris Allen -  [email protected]

Successes in the 2019 fiesta season:

Langton Green Fiesta - finalists - Divas u10s, Belles u12s

Tonbridge Fiesta - finalists - Firebirds u8s, Divas u10s

Paddock Wood Fiesta - winners, Wildcats u15s