2024 Fiesta - Details & Entry

LANGTON FIESTA CANCELLED due to a waterlogged car park. 

We're pleased to announce that we'll be returning with our fiesta over the weekend of 1st & 2nd of June 2024.

                                                    FULL IN ALL AGE GROUPS

How to Enter:
  • Enter online using FULL
  • Then pay your £50 (per team) entry fee by bank transfer or Paypal (instructions in confirmation e-mail).

Schedule / Timings:
  • Saturday 1st June morning: U8 Boys/Mixed (FULL), U10 Boys/Mixed (FULL), U14 Girls (FULL)
  • Saturday 1st June afternoon: U7 Girls, U8 Girls, U10 Girls (FULL), U12 Boys/Mixed (FULL)
  • Sunday 2nd June morning: U9 Girls (FULL), U11 Boys/Mixed (FULL), U11 Girls (FULL), U13 Boys/Mixed (FULL)
  • Sunday 2nd June afternoon: U7 Boys/Mixed(FULL), U9 Boys/Mixed (FULL), U13 Girls (FULL)
  • For age groups with very few, or no, spaces left, please feel free to enter, but do not immediately pay, as we will be operating a reserve list. I will then be in touch accordingly. Michael 

Entry Requirements:

We will accept entries from genuine, grassroots, football clubs, where the team(s) entered are playing regular league football throughout the season. Please do not enter if you are a commercial / profit-making "academy".

We will be running age groups from U7 to U13 in both our girls only and boys / mixed tournaments, with an extra U14 age group in the girls competition (there will be no U12 girls, but U12 girls teams are welcome to enter the U13 girls tournament, or the U12 boys / mixed tournament if they wish).

As always, our priority is football played in the right spirit. If you were one of a (thankfully) small number of teams who caused issues over the last couple of years, we will politely decline to take your entry.


Full information will be available once the entry forms are live, but until then, some basic info for you...

  • U7s and U8s will play 5 a side, in accordance with FA guidelines.
  • All other age groups will play 6 a side.
  • Every team will play a minimum of 5 or 6 matches, but in many cases it will be more than that (whilst ensuring FA guidelines on maximum playing time are not exceeded by any team).
  • U7s will play a series of non-competitive friendly matches. All U7 players will receive a medal for participation.
  • U8s and above will play a group stage, followed by knockout games for those who progress. In each of these competitions, we run both a CUP and a PLATE competition, to give as many teams as possible the chance to compete in a final, regardless of ability level.
  • You can bring however many players you like, but there are a maximum of 8 medals per team in the competitive age groups, so if you bring more players and reach a final, someone will have to go without.
  • The winning team in both the cup and plate competition in each age group will receive a trophy. Both the winners and runners up in each competition will receive a medal for each player in the squad (up to the aforementioned maximum of 8).
  • As always, we try to ensure no long gaps between games, no sitting around waiting for ages between the group and knockout stages and fair and balanced groups to give everyone the best possible experience. In short, we take a lot of time making sure the format works for everyone and gives your team plenty of football, plenty of fun and the opportunity for progression to the latter stages, whatever your ability level.

Rules & Respect:

Our tournament rules will appear here nearer the date of the tournament. In terms of respect...

We know football is a passionate game and that people want to win.

But using "passion" as an excuse for poor behaviour will fall on deaf ears.

Anyone displaying aggressive or threatening behaviour, or anyone verbally abusing our referees (yes, they will make mistakes occasionally, because they are human), the players, other coaches / spectators, or our Langton Green volunteers, will find themselves (and potentially their whole team), ejected from the tournament. No excuses, no justifications, zero tolerance. If you have players, parents, or coaches who you know struggle to contain their emotions and have a reputation for crossing the line, this isn't the tournament for you.


Any questions, please e-mail:

Further information to follow in due course.

We look forward to seeing you at the start of June for what we hope will be our best tournament yet!


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