Charitable Status

In July 2014 Langton Green Community Sports Association Ltd was granted charitable status. The "old" Langton Green Sports Club has donated all it's funds to the new charity and has, in effect, ceased to exist.

Why did we do this?

Practical Reasons:

Speldhurst Parish Council have granted us a thirty year lease on the Recreation Ground and pavilion. This lease had to be granted to a legal entity and so we have formed one. They also wanted to ensure that the facilities would continue to be run for the benefit of the entire community - and the articles of association for our charity ensure that this has to be the case now and in the future.

As a charity we can approach a maximum number of funding sources in our efforts to build a new club house and we can maximise the value of your donations.

More importantly:

Our club has been built over the last forty years. it exists to promote community involvement in sport. It has always had a key strength: everybody plays. Regardless of ability, sex, ethnicity religion (or any other factor) - you are welcome at Langton Green. Winning never has been a priority - for many, taking part is reward in itself.

We will support and promote any correctly organised sport for which there is a demand. We are not solely a football club. We will use our resources to benefit as many people as possible. These values are also enshrined in our articles of association.


You are not joining "our" club, it is your club - it has been specifically set up for you to join. Please contribute as much, in whatever manner, as you are able to. And most importantly of all have fun...