Club History

Langton Green Football Club has played at ‘The Rec’ since 1972. Now into its 5th decade the club has been the starting point for literally thousands of boys and girls to take their first steps into the world of football.

There are some who played at the club as children and have gone on to see their own children work their way through the ranks. Some now even have their grandchildren playing!

Whilst it is impossible to list everyone who has served the club mightily down the years there are some who the club would have been unimaginable without. Mike and Shirley Tottle, Carol Braidwood, and Mike Bender are four who spring to mind who between them provide a link all the way back to the earliest days. Sadly Mike Tottle passed away not so long ago, but Carol Braidwood and Mike Bender still both serve the club as Trustees of the newly formed Langton Green Community Sports Association, and Mike can still be found overseeing Saturday mornings, week in and week out.

In February 2015 we received this letter from Valerie Goodwin, who remembers the origins of the club from 1972.

Amongst the other Trustees are folk who watched their own children come up through the ranks and have now grown up and moved on. Guy Lambert, Steve Alldis, Allan Culverhouse and Dave Williams have all literally seen it all before. They each ran sides for many years, and their experience is vital as the club attempts to move forward – Dave still coaches, giving our youngest members the best possible start to their footballing lives.

Those same folk are also mainstays in what has become an institution, the Langton Green Fiesta. In 2014 we saw the 27th annual version of an event that brings together almost 200 teams from all over the region, with upwards of 700 games of football played over the weekend. Many will say it is the ‘biggest and the best’; few will argue it was the first and stands as an example to all that try to emulate it.

Like all clubs there has been ebb and flow in fortunes and numbers. At present we are on an upswing, with numbers growing every year, and ambitions to revitalise the facilities. The club has teams from under 6’s through to adults playing in leagues of all standards: the Crowborough Junior District Football League, the Tandridge League, the Kent Youth League, and the West Kent Sunday Football League.

The future is bright, but we are very proud of our past, and the ongoing experience and contribution of those who lived through it.