Coaches Website Launched

We're delighted to announce that in spring 2018 we launched our coach development website. Aimed at helping our coaches by providing useful information both specific to our club and youth coaching in general, it contains over 200 pages of content and training session ideas. The site is split into 4 areas and will continue to grow over time to include further content:

  • Langton Green "How To" - information specific to our club, from the basics of league registrations to where the paint is kept to paint the lines on the pitches.
  • Advice & Articles - general advice on coaching football, how to approach coaching kids specifically and how to get the most out of the experience for everyone involved.
  • Coaching Forum / Session Plans - searchable session plans to help you plan and organise your own training sessions.
  • Useful Resources - links you may need, to league websites, the FA, coaching websites we've found useful and so on.

You can access the coaching website here:

Any questions, e-mail [email protected]