U12 Belles

Match Report, Sunday September 29th, KGLFL u12 div 3

Tonbridge Juniors 0 - 7 Langton Green Belles (Carley, Martin, Goodacre, Caheny 2, Draper 2)

Having started with a first-game loss (0-2 to Fleetwood) the Belles bounced back and squeezed home last week behind Bea's goal in a 1-0 win versus Foots Cray. This week in wet and windy conditions the girls showed just how fast they are progressing as they travelled to our friends at Tonbridge Juniors.

The first half performance was built on solid defence, a creative midfield and a free running forward line. Well worked goals from Eva C, Olivia M and Bea H-G meant a half time lead of 3-0. This allowed the chase for more goals in the second half as both Sienna and Rose scored twice, whilst Talullah kept a second consecutive clean sheet.

Tonbridge were great hosts and all the girls showed sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Bad weather ? No-one cared!

The u12 Belles are managed by Paul Carley   carley73@live.co.uk    They are playing in the Kent Girls and Ladies League in 2019-20. If you are interested in joining them on their adventure please write to Paul, or to Chris Allen on cma_5963@yahoo.co

Belles 2019

The Langton Green Belles shone against all-boy opposition in the 2018 Langton Green fiesta....a report is below:

Langton Green Fiesta, June 3rd 2018, u11 division

Langton Green Lasers 1 - 3 Langton Green Belles   (Abigail F, Amy, Amelia)

For the fourth year in a row the Belles plunged themselves into an all-boy tournament, knowing very well it could be rough and tough. As luck would have it their first game was against boys from their ow club, Langton Green. The first half was fairly even until just before half time when the Lasers put themselves ahead. But just before the break Abigail F shot home from a tight angle to make it 1-1, and from just being happy to be in the tournament the girls started to believe in themselves. The pitch was surrounded on all sides by spectators who were clearly curious to see these young ladies giving it a go, and all the neutral supporters were cheering for the Belles, which was tough on the Lasers, but understandable. 

Mid-way through the second half pandemonium broke out as Amy cut inside and shot home to put the girls ahead. The football they were playing meant this was much more than just a lucky break. Gracie came on to join Georgie and Daisy in defence, as coach Chris implored them to defend like crazy and hang on for the win. Amelia had a better idea than just defending and advanced on the right to put in a cross that the defender could only divert over his own line, 3-1. The Lasers pressed hard and Georgie made one particularly crunching tackle that stopped one attack stone cold. Girl power in football boots! The final whistle was met with a whoop that could be heard across all the other pitches. 

Langton Green Belles 2 - 1 Sevenoaks Javelins (Amy 2)

Only 15 minutes later they were back on the pitch against Sevenoaks. The crowd was even bigger as the rumour spread that a girls team had won their first game. Early on Abigail N had to make a great save to keep the scores level, but then the amazing Amy was again the calmest person on the pitch as she shot home. With a lead to protect the Belles scrapped for everything, and always had the speedster threat of Abi F on the right wing. She had given up her place in the 100m in Dartford in order to play (planning to run in the 200m in the afternoon instead!) and was a constant threat. 

As the clock counted down it looked like the girls might hold out for a win but with 2 minutes left Sevenoaks scored a stunning volleyed equaliser. Chris was begging the referee to blow his whistle and secure the draw, but again Amelia had other ideas as she took a long throw, and Amy volleyed home. It was literally the last kick of the match. After the game the referee said there were 2 seconds left in the game as the ball hit the net. Incredibly the girls had 6 points from 2 games.

Crawley Panthers 3 - 0 Langton Green Belles, Mile Oak 5 - 0 Belles, TW Youth 5 - 0 Belles

In the 3rd game against Crawley the girls matched them stride for stride, and Amelia was inches from putting the Belles ahead, before a bit of rough luck when the ball went out of play. The Belles stopped, but the ref said 'play on' and Crawley scored. Chasing to get back in the game the girls conceded twice on the break, but the damage was done by the first goal. 

In the next match they played an excellent Mile Oak side and did well to stay close until late in the game when tiredness crept in. Things unravelled totally in the next game against Tunbridge Wells when they gave away 3 crazy goals in the first minutes before remembering it was ok to pass to players in the same coloured shirts. After the game the team talk was all about putting that game out of their minds and giving it a proper go in the final match. The coach might possibly have used a rude word or two in his description of the game but because everyone agreed to forget that game no-one can remember what he actually said. 

Hastings Wanderers 1 - 2 Langton Green Belles (Amy, Abigail N, yes, really, Abigail N.....she scored, honestly....if you dont believe it read on....)

The final game of the tournament was the last chance to shine on a blazing hot morning. The girls were determined to give it everything, and did.They came close several times, but Abigail N in goal was also needed to keep them in the contest. As the clock ticked down in the second half the goal just would not come. Then...tragedy, a Hastings score with a minute to go. Game over ? Amy had other ideas and took a shot from the kick off that almost caught the Hastings keeper by surprise, but he tipped the ball wide for a corner. Time to call in the cavalry. Abigail has spent most of her goalkeeping life at Langton Green insisting she can play on pitch. She's hidden the evidence well, or at least hidden it behind her excellent shot-stopping, but up she went for Amelia's corner. With two very tall Abigails both in the penalty area a high cross looked the likely option but Amelia passed the ball in low and Abigail N (goalkeeping Abigail) smashed the ball into the roof of the net. Cue very loud screams from her and several others, whilst her dad broke ther world high jump record watching on the touchline.

That was supposed to be it, a heroic last ditch equaliser, and a draw, but no-one had told Amy that was how it was meant to end, so she intercepted the ball, dribbled forward and tucked the shot ball home brilliantly. Some (very noisy) girls on the pitch.....they think it's all over. It is now. 2-1. Just insane. The final whistle came, and the applause for the girls came from all over the ground. Nine points, 3 boys teams beaten fair and square.

It was a very special morning. Abigail was as brave as always in goal. Daisy, Gracie, and Daisy rotated the task of keeping the other teams at bay with huge commitment. Daisy discovered over the weekend that she is very good at heading a ball - we knew she could throw it, but this was a pleasant new skill to add. Gracie followed Georgie's lead and learned to enjoy tackling and whenever she and Georgie decide to tackle a boy heading in the other direction that usually ended his progress. Amelia was as graceful as ever, and always capable of shooting from distance (great fiesta haircut too!). Abigail F's pace frightened opponents. But all the girls would agree that the star of the morning was Amy - the best compliment to her was that she was a great footballer who happened to be a girl, as opposed to someone who was 'not bad for a girl'.  

By the end of the morning the girls had stoppd being stared at just for looking different to all the other teams. They had rightfully earned respect for their football, and done credit to themselves and helped put their club a little further onto the map.

Roll on September.

  • If you are a curious club in our area and fancy a friendly, please email Chris Allen - cma_5963@yahoo.co.uk