Langton Rec. Project

The Langton Green Rec Renovation Project


The Rec is a wonderful location for sport and leisure. Unfortunately it has large bare patches, many undulations, and is based on compressed clay, which means it drains very poorly, and cannot be used for sport for large portions of November-March.

Langton Green Community Sports Association, with the support of Speldhurst Parish Council, commissioned to produce a renovation proposal. This was presented for tender to a number of contractors in Dcember 2018, and an application for funding was made to the Football Foundation, along with a development plan for youth sport on the Rec. (Planning permission for the project was received in March 2019).

On Friday May 31st the funding for the project was approved - The Football Foundation have committed £95,000, SPC £12,500, and LGCSA have raised the balance which is estimated to be £57,500, which includes the costs of re-instating a new cricket wicket in sympathy with the improved layout.

In short the project schedule is as follows:

Phase 1 - all the existing grass on the Rec is sprayed. Over the next 3-4 weeks the top surface will turn brown and die. The appointed contractor, Agrifactors carried out this work in perfect weather conditions, at a deserted Rec between 7.30pm and 7.50pm on Friday June 14th. *** 

Phase 2 - the top surface is removed, and groundworks are carried out to sculpt the new grounds. This phase takes about 2 months - during this phase the work to lay the new cricket wicket is carried out as well.

Phase 3 - Rye grass - a strain that is ideal for sporting surfaces - is sown, to grow in the autumn.

Grass/weed treatment took place on June 14th. The groundworks will begin in approximately 4 weeks.

It will inevitably mean a summer of disruption on the Rec, which is the price we pay for such a worthy transformation. For safety's sake the Rec was closed for about an hour for the ground spraying - it will then be accessible for a period of 3-4 weeks before being fenced off as the groundworks machinery is situated on the Rec. When the machinery has gone the grass will need time to grow, before normal access can be restored.

LGCSA and SPC have not undertaken this project lightly. Both bodies exist to benefit the local community and would never willingly endanger them. It is our children who play on the Rec. Full diligence has been undertaken on this project, employing qualified advisors, and hiring a qualified and reputable contractor to undertake the works. The full methodology was approved by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Anyone with concerns is stongly encouraged to read the pdf's, and follow the links below. Any further questions are welcomed by the product supplier, Monsanto Chemicals. They have an email address: [email protected]

Phone calls are welcomed. Ask to speak to Tom Scanlon, 01954 717575

here is a link to a pdf about spraying

Here is a link about safety to people and animals

Here is a link to pronouncements from Global Regulatory and Research Agencies

More links about glyphosphate

Frequently asked questions

The contractor being used has done similar work using the product Roundup Pro at the following locations:

Claremont School, Bedes School, Southborough Hub, Goudhurst Football Pitch, Rusthall Football Club, 

Amongst the councils who the contractor has done work using Roundup:
- Battle, Heathfield, East Sussex (Crowborough and Uckfield), West Sussex (Burgess Hill)